Welcome to my website, my name is Albert Tai. I’m currently the CEO and Co-founder of a health-tech startup called Hypercare. We help clinical teams coordinate patient care in a seamless manner (e.g. Slack for Healthcare).

I just recently graduated from University of Toronto for my Masters in Information while my undergraduate was from University of Western Ontario in Computer Science and Medical Science (double major).

I started my journey in entrepreneurship at a young age of 11, hustling my way to create a wide range of web properties that I eventually sold. Below was one of the ones I created, a search engine called Brivy.

At a age of 11, I learned how to program in Visual Basic, and released software to the public through my websites. Through that, I was able to make money from advertisements and selling my web properties which allowed me to pursue and execute ideas. I ran TalkWebz, a forum for webmasters that at one point had roughly arond 100,000 posts (I believe).

My passion is solving hard problems that are usually difficult to tackle due to regulation, red tape and lack of awareness around it. Had the opportunity to intern as a product manager at Microsoft (also known as program manager) on the Windows 10 group.

Champion of customers, believer in good products.


Albert Tai