Apologize for the lack of response. I just couldn’t build the habit of blogging much, but working towards it as a goal for 2019 with short posts like this.

For me a place like home is where I have a nice place to live, a nice place to work, and a nice place with friends. And being in San Francisco the last few weeks I have that.

It’s odd, I don’t have my closest friends in the Bay Area. And neither am I their closest friend. But, I’ve been fortunate to be offered by friends (some of whom I just recently met) to have a place to stay, a great office to work at everyday, and friends to hang out with.

And it matters a tremendous amount, and I hope I can continually to show how grateful I am and how much it matters to me. In a place I don’t often visit, doing something stressful (raising money which is constant rejections), it’s nice to have stability. Having a place to sleep, a place to work (without going cafe to cafe), and friends to hang out with is the very definition of home to me. And it show cases the generosity of Canadians, but I believe there are others out there who do this.

I think in the hyper competitive nature we live in, these little things make the world of difference. I won’t ever forget the generosity, and I will always remember to pay it forward. I will always prioritize helping those people who have been there in a place where I needed help. And I’m happy that San Francisco feels more of a home to me now, but I miss my team deeply and can’t wait to get back to Toronto. But for now, San Francisco feels a little warmer than before.

Albert Tai

Co-founder / CEO of @HypercareHq, helping clinical teams coordinate patient care seamlessly. Passion in good products. Alumni of Microsoft, University of Toronto, and Western University.

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