Keep it simple stupid, KISS.

Over time, I realized how unnecessarily complex Wordpress is, with the enormous amount of plugins possible that traps bloggers in an everlasting battle to add more. Writing it itself starts to be complex, how do I optimize this, how do I optimize that and ensuring plugins are always up to date.

I realized that I haven’t updated my blog in months mostly in part with limited time due to running Hypercare, but also the fact it has gotten so complex. That is one of the reason that I decided to choose the platform Ghost for Hypercare’s company blog rather than Wordpress and why I’m transitioning to Jenkyll.

Lastly, DigitalOcean did a terrible job hosting my wordpress blog, as it often ran out of memory and caused a DB connection error. I didn’t want to deal with writing scripts or hard restarting my server anymore.

So even though the old articles may be gone, but hopefully this platform given the simplicity will motivate me to churn out more articles than ever before.

Albert Tai

Co-founder / CEO of @HypercareHq, helping clinical teams coordinate patient care seamlessly. Passion in good products. Alumni of Microsoft, University of Toronto, and Western University.

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